Angel Food Ministries wants to give you high quality, low cost food

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - These days everyone is working hard to make every dollar count, and one organization is trying to help you pinch those pennies by giving you great deals on groceries.

The Angel Food Ministries organization provides high quality food to people at affordable prices.

Linda Smith is the site manager for the First Baptist Church Angel Food Ministries location in Trumann.

She's been a volunteer with the organization for five years now and says there are still many misconceptions as to who qualifies to place an order.

"It is not a government program. It is not a division of welfare. It is a ministry that is set up to help someone buy discount price groceries. It comes once a month. There are no qualifications. One of the things they say at Angel Foods, if you eat you qualify."

Linda says the best thing about the program is that anyone can participate!

"It's not based on income. It's not based on anything except whether you want to order it or not. You order once a month and delivery comes once a month."

Linda says there are a number of different choices for people to pick from.

"The first basic box is what they call their signature box. It is thirty-one dollars. It is designed to feed a family of four for a week. It has that many different meat, vegetables and different things. It always has a desert. Usually has milk and eggs also. Normally the value of the box runs between fifty and seventy-five dollars. So, it is a good value and is top quality food."

Angel Food fills orders they receive from Angel Food locations.

Orders and delivers are placed once a month and this service is offered year round.

Linda says everyone, young or old, men and women are looking for a deal!

"We're all the same. We all eat and we all need a discount when we can get it . Angel Food Ministries is basically a discount grocery program that is manned by volunteers."

There are a number of different Angel Food Ministry locations throughout Region 8.

For customers convenience, you can also now purchase your boxes online!

For more information about Angel Food Ministries, log onto their website.

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