Sharp County voting round-up

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

ASH FLAT, AR (KAIT) --Heavy voting totals kept them up late in Sharp county tallying up the  numerous races on the line.

Williford, Ash Flat, Highland and Hardy all had mayoral races as well as races for the County Judge and the Sheriff.

According to Tonya Powell, the Sharp County Election Coordinator, voting was heavy on Tuesday on top of early voting.

"We had 2072 early voters and we have had 243 absentee votes and the day has gone really smooth."

Over half of the nearly 12 Thousand registered voters in the county turned out this year to mark their ballots.

After the final numbers out I spoke to the victors in 3 important races  in Sharp county, The County Judge, the County Sheriff and the Mayor of Hardy.

Incumbent Larry Brown will be back for another term as County Judge.

"I'm proud it's all over, we can settle down and go to work for the people now. I appreciate the voters of Sharp County for giving me another chance. I'll try to keep working hard for them."

Mark Counts is moving up from Detective Sergeant to the new Sheriff. Keeping on top and ahead of crime is priority.

"We are all the time working on several burglaries and drug problems in Sharp County and we're just going to have to stay on top of it and work hard . I am Looking forward to getting started and get everything rolling on January 1st." The current Sheriff Dale Weaver is stepping down.

Hardy voters decided to keep Nina Thornton as their mayor. She's got some things to do, after a couple of days off.

"Well I think I'm going to start doing that same job I've done for the last 4 years and start writing some grants. Hardy is going to be just better than ever."

And so after the election, Sharp County is pretty much like any other county, they get a mix of new and old. They've got the same County Judge but a new Sheriff. The Mayor of Hardy stays the same but Highland, Ash Flat and Cave City all got  new mayors.  Lots of new and old faces to keep on serving the public that elected them.

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