Region 8 soldiers demobilize at Camp Shelby

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

CAMP SHELBY, MS (KAIT) – Soldiers in the 1036th and 1037th Route Clearance Company that make up the group of soldiers that arrived back in the US on Monday are not home yet.

Before they can make their way back to Region 8 they have to be demobilized.  From training, to combat, to their return home  the soldiers have been a cohesive group for a full year, and now that they have returned there are things that need to be done so they are ready to go back to their families.

The soldiers are staying at Camp Shelby in Mississippi through Friday.

"I know they're all very anxious but it's a bit of a change in the environment going from combat to their family environment so we want to make sure they're ready for that," said Colonel Patricia Anslow with the Arkansas Army National Guard.

Colonel Patricia Anslow said mentally and physically they need to make sure soldiers are ready to go home.

"We want to give them a very through evaluation," Col. Anslow.

"We want to be sure that they go through the administrative process,  the medical screening process to be sure if they have any  illnesses or injuries that they sustained while they were deployed that they get it taken care of now," said General William Wofford.

Colonel Anslow said it can be a tough transition on any soldier.

"For every individual, whether it's been their first time or multiple deployment.  Each deployment is unique," said Anslow.

They'll also help coach the soldiers on how to go home to their families and be away from their new brothers.

"This is needed time.  This is a good transition for them this is an opportunity for them to also say goodbye to their brothers in arms," said Anslow.

"I've learned a lot from these guys.  We all look out for one another," said Specialist Corey Blasfield.

It's also a time for the soldiers to shed some of the physical reminders of their deployment.

"We bring folks through we get their equipment that they no longer need and we turn it back in to the army," said Anslow.

"The goal, to provide these soldiers the tools they need to be able to go back to their families healthy and happy. 

There are several events planned for the families over the next few weeks that could help the soldiers get reconnected with their families.  The soldiers are expected back in Region 8 on Friday.

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