Luxora poised to have water system re-built

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

LUXORA, AR (KAIT) --Like many small towns in Region 8, the Mississippi County town of Luxora has an aging water system.

Years of processing the mineral laden water has taken its toll. But soon things will change.

In Luxora their somewhat antiquated water treatment system is due to be replaced. In fact, one sand filtering tank has been taken out of commission because it was leaking sand into the drinking water.

When the tank leaked the sand went into the city system.

Mayor Jasper Jackson showed me around the system. "We're trying to flush it all out using our fire hydrants now. Get it out of our lines. When we are done it will be all clear."

For some reason the elementary school seemed to attract the majority of sand.

What they've done is install a sand filter and flush line. They are bringing in drinking water for the students But the Superintendent says he expects to re-join the water system very soon.

Time and tight budgets work against small towns. Luxora however has come into some funding.

Jackson, "We just received a 248 Thousand dollar grant for our water system to correct our trouble spots."

All the sand filter tanks will be rebuilt as well as the outside tanks.

The cement clearwell tank will be replaced with a metal tank and the tall water tank will be updated.

Jackson, "He will go in the inside it and clear coat it and fix whatever needs to be done with the tank. Fix, paint it The whole outside of the thing will be painted. They tested the tank and they say it's one of the best tanks in Mississippi County."

By law the public must be informed what is going on with the water system.

Jackson, "We passed an ordinance then we hung it up in all public places for people to read about the water grant and everything we are going to be doing."

Those documents will be displayed for at least 60 days.

The mayor says that re-modeling should begin somewhere in January so in a few months the water system should be nearly brand new.

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