Arkansas utility company to lower rates

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - When the temperatures turn cold a lot of us pile on the blankets or turn up the thermostat. But the state's largest utility company, Entergy Arkansas, said their customers' electric bills may be a little cheaper beginning January 2011.

David Burnett is a customer service manager for Entergy Arkansas and he said, "It will impact our residential customers to the tune of about $1.40 a month decrease in their bill."

He said a rate decrease will be passed on to the customer which should help lower their monthly bills.

"Base rates, typically are our everyday operating cost. Cost for building lines, sub-stations, transmission lines, salaries, our customer service expenses," said Burnett.

He said those costs have gone down and they have also seen a decrease in what their company pays to get power from the Grand Gulf nuclear plant in Mississippi.

"Our rates, I expect to remain unaffected other than the adjustments for fuel and Grand Gulf," said Burnett.

Although the rates look to go down, another ingredient this winter could make your electric bill higher.

Burnett said, "Their bottom line bill will really be dependent on how they use their electricity, their consumption rate. Whether they use a lot or whether they use a little."

There are other ways you can save on your heating bills:

-First, bundle up! Don't run around in shorts and t-shirts. Instead put on a sweater.

-Turn the heat down at night and when you're not at home.

-Also, use a space heater! They can put out a lot of warmth for a little bit of change.

-Seal up cracks in all windows and doors and apply weather stripping.

-Finally, close vents to rooms that aren't being used.

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