Make-A-Wish makes little girl's dream a reality

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Make-A-Wish Foundation presents nearly 35 wishes a year, and Saturday one Region 8 little girl's dream became a reality.

Aryanna is suffering from a rare heart defect and a cholesterol deficiency. Saturday, friends and family all waited anxiously at the Paragould Community Center, ready to see seven year old Aryanna's eyes light up as the Make-A-Wish Foundation presented a surprise of her life time.

"She goes through it like a trooper. She doesn't know the difference," says Collier.

Saturday Aryanna walked in to what she thought was a princess party, opening presents and having fun.

But, what she didn't know...the Make a Wish Foundation had a surprise up their sleeves, as she was surprise by Mickey and Minnie with a trip to Disney World.

"That's all she talks about is wanting to go to Disney," says Aryanna's mother Leslie Collier. She says seeing the smile on Aryanna's face means so much.

"She sick on and off all the time. So just to get to go somewhere that we would get to go to in a long time. It's just going to blow her mind she's going to be all over the place," says Collier.

"Granting wishes never gets old," says Christie Mathews works for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"Every wish is like the first wish I've granted. I get the goose bumps. When she was opening her presents, and she says is this Christmas? You know the tears they just fall, and they're tears of joy these kids endure so much," says Mathews.

Mathews she says being able to see her eyes light up makes it all worth while.

"She's going to forget about being sick. She's going to forget about doctors appointments. She's going to Mickey's house and she's going to have so much fun," says Mathews.

Aryanna will leave for Disney World the day after Thanksgiving.

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