High heels could have you headed to the hospital

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many women love their high heels, but high fashion can come at a cost to your health! While there is the chance of getting hurt, many women say the risk is worth it!

You can hear them coming down the hall, high heels! "It's just one of those things. It makes you feel more like a woman," says Sadonna Smith, who works at the Stadium Place Apartments.

For many women they're a weakness. "I have more heels than I have anything else," says Smith, and she loves her heels. "You got it going on when you're wearing your heels," she says.

Smith says if the shoe fits the outfit wear it, even if they aren't the most comfortable. "I have several pairs in my closet that you know I think oh boy I'm going to have to wear those with this outfit, but you know it's worth it because they're pretty," Smith says.

"It seems like they're coming back into style those high heels shoes and the high stilettos," Podiatrist Mike Haughey.

"Women will constantly tell us I wish they weren't wearing those shoes back in the day," Haughey says.

He says while these killer stilettos might look good, they do come with a risk. "The immediate danger of high heels can be rolling the ankle, sprained ankle, or even fractures that we've seen."

A report out of London found more than 3 million women landed in the hospital for their love for precious pumps, and a third have fallen flat on their face, breaking wrists and even teeth!

There is no doubt women have a passion for heels. Haughey says some women have gone as far as asking for certain types of procedures to wear heels. "A lot of times they want to see if there is something that can be done to their foot whether it's surgical or conservative to allow them to wear high heels," he says.

"I have hurt myself," says Jennifer Wolf, who is the leasing manager at Stadium Place Apartments.

"I'm out on property all day long, as far as stairs, running, so I have hurt myself in heels," she says.

But, while high heels may be harmful to the feet, many say they're good for the "sole."

"You have more confidence in yourself," says Smith.

"I feel better about myself. Heels just make you feel different than tennis shoes," says Wolf.

Haughey advises if you do wear heels, only wear them for special occasions or a limited amount of time.

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