Children's author speaks to kids

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A Region 8 school received a special visitor on Tuesday!

Children's author Michael Shoulders dropped in at Blessed Sacrament to speak to students about writing.

First grade teacher, April Williamson, says she's thrilled their students are getting to listen to a real, live author speak and hope this inspires them!

"I really hope that they become excited about writing and see that they can write, too. Dream big and you can achieve it!"

It was Williamson who first came up with the idea to invite Shoulders to their school.

"I had heard about him this summer at an Arkansas History workshop and the lady there had some of his books and I just got really excited about it. I emailed him and asked him about coming to visit us and we made all the arrangements and he's here!"

Shoulders gave a presentation to over one hundred children.

Williamson says she hope this will encourage their students to write.

"I'd like them to learn how to get ideas. Even writing styles are different and he's going to talk about another man who writes similar books. And just how he goes through the writing process and they can take that same process and create writings of their own."

Parent Sherry Thielemier has a daughter in the first grade at Blessed Sacrament.

Thielemier says she was thrilled when she heard her daughter was going to get the rare opportunity of listening to a children's author.

"We were so excited that Ms. April was able to do this for our children and we wanted to reward them for their interest in reading, especially in first grade. They are really becoming excited about reading and what better way to have an author here to explain it to the children to get them excited about reading."

Thielemier sat in on Shoulders presentation and was thrilled with what he had to say to students.

"Oh, my gosh! He's a very entertaining man. He's very knowledgeable. He's not only written books about Arkansas and the surrounding areas, but also about our Christian faith and that's something the children are really excited about and enjoying."

Thielemier says she hopes her daughter and the other students walk away with a new excitement for reading and writing.

"A love of reading and maybe excitement about writing a book someday. We hope someday we have some authors in our group and maybe that might be able to write a book and come back and present to us."

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