Energy efficiency workshop saves seniors money

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With cold air approaching folks are working to get their homes winter ready, from weather stripping to insulation. Tuesday folks from the NEA Career Technical Center held a workshop to help seniors shave big bucks off their electric bills.

"I was anxious to find something out because I'm a home owner," says Wanda Hodges, who attended Tuesday's energy efficiency workshop.

"I want my heat to be as economical to operate as possible," says Hodges.

Students from the NEA Career Technical Center came out Tuesday afternoon to the St. Bernard's Senior Life Center to teach folks how it's done. The workshop taught tips on insulating your home, changing filters, and the importance of proper ventilation

"If you don't have a proper ventilation system in your bathroom or fan when you cut the light on. Mold likes to grow in the same temperatures that most people are comfortable in," says student Daniel Sykes.

Instructor Robert Tucker says doing little things can save big bucks. "You can save up to 30% on your bill a year just by doing little things around the house," says Tucker.

"I learned something more about the insulation, but these young men were really informative, and they made suggestions of what to do," says Hodges.

While the workshop was helpful, Hodges is pleased to see the younger generation push forward into bright futures. "I'm glad to know we have a system in our school that teaches heat and air to our young people so they can get interested at a young age. It's hard to find and air conditioning or heating man when you really need one," says Hodges.

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