JPD investigating credit card information thefts

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) Police say four Michigan residents are in Arkansas jails after police say they were using stolen credit card numbers.

"More than likely there's a trail from Michigan...south," said Detective Lyle Waterworth.

Jonesboro Police Department Detective Lyle Waterworth says that trail led police to four suspects who they say have been fraudulently using credit card numbers--dozens of them.

"In Northeast Arkansas, we believe it to be more than 70.   In Jonesboro alone, we know of 35 right now," said Detective Waterworth.

Waterworth says the investigation started when he got calls from people out of state saying their cards had been used at Jonesboro retailers.

"The information from the magnetic strip was obtained by this group of individuals that were fraudulently using the credit cards," said Detective Waterworth.

Detective Waterworth says the investigation into how exactly that happened is ongoing because the actual cards weren't stolen.  Waterworth says the card numbers were first used in Jonesboro in late October, but the four were detained at a Benton, Arkansas Wal-Mart trying to do the same thing.

"The photographs that I sent statewide through our information sharing system netted probable cause to place the 4 that they had in custody," said Detective Waterworth.

Waterworth says more arrests could be made in this case.  He adds it's too soon to tell the scope of this case, or how many states the four suspects have hit.

"Through receipts and other things found in their property, we believe they've used cards in other states," said Detective Waterworth.

Right now police are not releasing the names of the suspects pending formal charges.  Investigators say they don't believe any of the victims are from Arkansas.  Detective Waterworth says the people who initially called him were looking at their online accounts and noticed something wasn't right, because they hadn't even been to Jonesboro.  That's why he says you should regularly monitor all of your accounts and report anything suspicious.

Detective Waterworth says 2 of the suspects are already at the Craighead County jail.  The other 2 will soon be extradited here as well.

Region 8 news will continue to track this story and bring you any new information.

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