Crews fight forest fire near Ellsinore

By Heartland News

ELLSINORE, MO (KFVS) - Crews are fighting a forest fire near Ellsinore.  About 50 acres have burned. 

The fire is near Highway DD just off of Highway V.

Bill Paxton with the U.S. Forest Service says about 30 people with a helicopter, four fire engines, and two bulldozers have been fighting the fire since about 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

"We've had a lot of fires over here for these dry conditions," Paxton said. "We've had 45 large fires since October 18th here in the forest, burned over 2,500 acres, the largest 600 acres.  Over the last three days we've had fires of, five fires over 1,000 acres.  So it's the drought and the low humidity that's really causing these problems."

Paxton says bulldozers were used help protect homes from the threat of the fire.

He says the dry conditions have made it very easy to spark a fire.

"If you drop a match or cigarette on the ground during the day, you're going to get somewhere close to 90 plus percent probability of ignition."

Paxton says he thinks a cigarette may have sparked this fire because it started at the edge of a road.

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