A group of Region 8 kids were high in the sky!

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A Region 8 school had their kids in the air on Wednesday!

Students at Jonesboro's Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School recently participated in an important fund raiser for the school.

For all their hard work and effort, the children that sold a certain amount of items were in for a big treat. . .a ride in a hot air balloon!

Fund Raising Chair, Pam Willard, says she thought the idea of rewarding the kids was great, "The kids that sold fifteen or more items individually or to help the families out because most families have more than one kid in school, got to go up. If they sold twenty-five or more items as a family group then those kids first through sixth grade are getting to go up in a balloon ride, today."

Pam says this whole thing started when they were approached by an organization called, "School Partners."

"We were working with School Partners. They have a variety of lines to choose from for your fund raising items. We selected the Readers Cafe, which is cookie dough and mini pizzas and pumpkin bread and things like that. It was great. It was much better quality than we've seen in the past. The families were excited about it. It was a reasonable price. Working with School Partners was fabulous."

Parent Patty Cole was thrilled when she heard what her eight year old daughter, Carlee, might get to do.

"We were very excited. Carlee was really excited and ready to get out there and sell her cookie dough and stuff for the fund raiser so she could take a ride in the hot air balloon. It's an experience that she otherwise might not have ever had so we were really excited for them to get to do this."

Pam says the incentive worked and the children raised an incredible amount of money for the school.

"We got a straight forty percent off of what we sold. Our school raised twelve thousand, eight hundred and forty dollars which is phenomenal."

And with that money, the school is going to fix and buy some much needed things!

"We are going to fix some of the slides that are over there on the playground. We are going to get our crisis kits updated and we are also going to take care of getting some maps for our third grade because we've got a brand new wing that we've got to fit our third graders in because our school is just growing."

Eight year old Carlee Cole told us this fund raiser was a lot of work, and worth it!

"It took me a while to sell all of the stuff. After church I would come home and change my clothes and then I would go out and sell some stuff. I sold over the price. I sold twenty-nine things. So, I got to ride. I think it was cool. And, um, everybody looked really small! And I got a big slinky!"

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