Moms gone Mad

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Moms is this the first time you've sat down today? You've been in fast gear all day getting the kids to school, to work, to after school practice and then homework. If you think your kids are killing you, well, you may be right.

Stress is something that everybody deals with at one point or another. There are even books out there, like The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Pressure, for kids to deal with stress. But often times it's the little cubbies that's driving mom mad.

"I don't know anybody who doesn't get a little stressed out. Get a little frustrated," says Fayeth Hurt, who is a mother of three.

"I don't think I have a slow day. It's just something every night. We do something with one to two of my child's activities every afternoon and evening. My calendar keeps up with what we're doing everyday. If we didn't have this we would be in serious trouble," says Hurt, with something scheduled nearly EVERY DAY!

From school functions, the sports, plus trying to squeeze in homework, all this going, going, going, everyday, all week long....IT'S STRESSFUL!

Cristina Shaw works, with St. Bernard's Behavioral Health, says 18% of us experiences anxiety at a point where we need medical help.

"If your stress levels are high enough, it impacts you from a health stand point everything from blood pressure issues, cardiovascular issues, just your general overall well being," says Shaw

A survey done by the American Psychological Association last year says nearly half of parents said their stress had increased over the past year. Shaw says in today's society parents often feel pressure to orchestrate the perfect childhood, and what she calls hyper-parenting.

"That means pushing your children to doing all these different activities. So that families find that the parents are working all day. The kids are going to school all day, and then as soon as school and work are over, they're running all over town, going to a multitude of different activities," says Shaw.

"We want them to get exposed and get some foundation in a wide variety of things, so they can chose when they get older what they really want to focus on," says Hurt.

Shaw says even before babies are born mothers are bombarded with different parenting books about doing every "right".

"We've started to lose sight of trusting or own natural instincts and kind of relying on all the experts to tell us how to parent," says Shaw.

But Shaw says there are certain coping skills that can help ease the stress.

"If you're a parent and you're running to different activities with your kids, really sitting down as a family and trying to kind of look at the schedule and figuring out were you can cut out some of these activities," says Shaw.

That's exactly what Fayeth has had to do....

"I know it doesn't seem like that we have narrowed the field, but we're had to narrow the field. Each child gets to pick like three things," says Hurt.

Shaw says sleep is also important, but when your wound tighter than a three dollar clock it's hard to do.

As for Fayeth, finding time for herself is the perfect cure. "I like to watch movies. I like to watch NCIS and Criminal Minds and that's my time," says Hurt.

Moms if your stressed, Shaw says studies have suggested that so are your kids. That obviously can create even more problems. For more tips on how to ease the tension in your life, just go to

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