Region Eight Town Celebrates 125th Birthday

Sunday July 5, 2003--Posted at 1:45 p.m. CDT

MALDEN, Mo.--This week, one Region Eight community celebrates the birth of our country and their hometown. Many of them say they've seen faces this week they haven't seen in years, and that's what a homecoming is all about.

Bill Holden said, "It's good to see some of the old faces when we were growing up and it's just fun."

This year marks the Malden, Missouri's 125th anniversary. Nearly 200 people attended the alumni luncheon Saturday representing classes from 1934 to 2003.

"It's brought many people back home we've had many reunions, family reunions class reunions." said Mary Lou Bearden, Mayor of Malden.

One graduate traveled all the way from Los Angeles to see family and friends.

I have three other siblings that went to high school here and three of the four are here and we wanted to see the other classes." Elizabeth Morehead-Hilton said of the gathering.

Organizers say nearly 2,500 people attended this week's events here in Malden. They say with such a rich past there is a lot that can be learned

"They have become aware of what's gone on in the past and anytime you don't learn from the past you're going to make the same mistakes so i think they can learn a lot from us old people." Mayor Bearden added.

The quadricentennial celebration ends tomorrow with community church services. This tops off a week of concerts, a parade and fellowship this town is very proud of. This is the seventh annual homecoming for Malden. Organizers say many of the earlier events this week, like the gospel concert and fish fry, was standing room only. They consider this week a major success.