Region 8 school recycles electronics

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students with the Jonesboro Health and Wellness Magnet School, along with Suddenlink, celebrated E-Cycling Day Friday in an effort to recycle old gadgets.

"We're helping to save the earth and kids are helping to save the earth. We're helping recycle computers, televisions," says fifth grader Collin Crawford.

Any type of electronic equipment. Crawford says even though he's young, he hopes to make a difference. "We just want us to have a better planet when we get older," says Crawford.

Truck after truck rolled in this morning to drop off items. Students with the "Kids for Saving Earth" environmental club flexed their muscles unloading everything from computers, televisions, and phones.

"It's about 10:30 and we started at 8 and I'm already having to call for another truck already," says Judi Linzy with Suddenlink.

Folks from the Jonesboro Schools even pulled up with nearly 60 computers..."Last year alone, on this day alone we took in one and half tons of electronics and disposed of them properly," says Linzy.

Once a truck fills up, the items are taken to the landfill, where they're taken apart, and recycled. In this electronic age, Linzy says it's important.

"The lead and stuff all goes into our water, and you know people are drinking it and it's not healthy so we dispose of them properly so all of this is not feed into our landfills," says Linzy.

She says it's these kids that are stacking the way to a cleaner tomorrow.

"The younger generation is going to set the example. These kids they go home and say no mom don't be throwing that plastic away, or don't throw that T. V. In the trash," says Linzy.

If you missed out recycling that old T. V. or VCR you can always drop it by Suddenlink or Legacy Landfill, who can dispose of it properly.

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