Region 8 sixth graders working toward getting a stop light

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

MONETTE, AR (KAIT) - Even though 6th graders can't drive, they still know what's safe and what's not. Just ask four students at Buffalo Island Central West who recognize the need for a stop light when they see one.

It's very difficult to get any kind of a light put on a highway at a dangerous intersection.

This is Team Cross Light, Dax Hurst, MaKenzie Walker, Adrian Lopez and Maddigan Carroll. Besides being in a nationwide competition, they are on a mission, a cyber mission.

Dax, "My biggest motivation is the safety of the kids. And the safety of everybody else."

MaKenzie, "They had already tried to get a stop light there but I really think they had tried hard enough so I felt that we needed to do it."

Where they would like to have their light is at a very busy intersection between County Road 565, Highway 18 and Highway 139.  The intersection is located to the East of downtown Monette.

And right in the middle of this intersection is a daycare. The amount and speed of the traffic causes issues for vehicles leaving the parking lot.

MaKenzie, "The people are coming down the road really fast and there is no time to get out."

Kendra Roddy, who owns the daycare says they have to grade the driveway all the time because drivers spin their wheels in haste to get onto the highway.

The E-Cybermission challenge is sponsored by the Army. It's a nationwide competition for 6th to 9th grade students. There will be a first and second place state winner, and a first and second place regional winner.

All the team's work must be documented on-line, for example, questions the team is preparing for the Arkansas Highway District Engineer Walter McMillian.

Maddigan, "Have you been contacted about putting in a stop light at the intersection of Highway 18 and 139 South? And like what were the actions taking and has there been a study on the problem."

Besides competing the contest is teaching on-line skills as far as research and writing and problem solving.

So far the team has interviewed the Monette Mayor and the Chief of Police and the director of the day care to gain their support and find out about accidents or near accidents at the intersection.

The competition ends in February but these 4 are going to try their best to reach their goal..and do it as a team.

Adrian, "We don't argue since we don't have a leader. We're all equal in this project to get a stop light."

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