Region 8 police bust three meth labs in 48 hours

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) -  Police in Lawrence County made three meth busts in a 48 hour period earlier this week.  Two busts were made in Walnut Ridge and one was made in Black Rock.

"It is unusual for us to get that many in a row," said Sgt. Jeff Franks with the Walnut Ridge Police Department.

Sergeant Franks said they've found a lot of labs in the last year and most of them are the "one pot method".

"It's the easiest to do.  It only takes them about an hour if they've got all the components," said Franks.

Franks said a lot of times cooks will work together sharing their recipes.  He also feels the economy and addiction are pushing people to make meth.

"They can cook some, sell some and use some and they can make money by doing that," said Franks.

Two Walnut Ridge officers and two Hoxie Police Officers recently took a class in Little Rock conducted by Arkansas State Police to learn more about meth labs, but the folks cooking the meth are getting smarter too.

"Word of mouth has made the people that are cooking meth also smarter in how to avoid us," said Franks.

All of the meth labs they found this week were the one pot method.  Sgt. Franks said the pot used is usually a soda bottle.

"This is not done in a safe environment in a lab.  They're doing it on the edge of a bed in a bedroom," said Franks.

The bust made in Black Rock earlier in the week was a rolling lab found in the cab and back of a pickup truck on a traffic stop.  Franks encourages residents to report what they see and smell because you can help them find and stop active labs.

"It's out there.  You deserve to live in a safe city.  We don't want you to have to live next door to anyone doing this.  It's a danger to your safety and to your children's safety," said Franks.

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