One Region 8 Industry announces expansion

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "Whatever our expectations were, I would say have been exceeded," said Chairman and CEO of Nice-Pak, Robert Julius.

Two years after setting up shop in Jonesboro, Nice-Pak announces an expansion.

"Phase two will include things like baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, personal care wipes...a whole range of wipes," said Julius.

Chairman and CEO of Nice-Pak, Robert Julius, says it's a 25 million dollar investment, bringing with it 150 new jobs.  He says the goal is to be up and running by May.

"It really just confirms that we made the right decision and are very happy investing here and continuing to invest here," said Julius.

There's also been an investment in time from Nice-Pak with the Healthy Arkansas initiative.

"It was actually designed around the intervention of hand hygiene for the community and we actually went around the community throughout Jonesboro and reached over about 20 percent of the community here," said Director of Clinical Affairs for Nice-Pak, Dr. Hudson Garrett.

Educating schools, civic clubs, and others on the importance of hand hygiene and hand hygiene wipes.

Dr. Garrett says the initiative started in September of last year and ran through January.

"We actually found a 25 percent decrease in the numbers of Staphorious infections that were actually seen in the hospital emergency department as a result of the intervention of hand hygiene in the community of Jonesboro," said Dr. Garrett.

Dr. Garrett says now they're  studying absenteeism rates for the schools, as well as business and industry, and already collecting data.

"The Nice-Pak PDI family is engaged in preventing infections both in communities as well as health care environments and this was a nice marriage of those two relationships," said Dr. Garrett.

"I see Jonesboro as a foundation on which we can build this platform and take it across the whole country," said Julius.

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