New Armed Forces Reserve Center underway

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas Army Reserve and National Guard are currently located at the Armory on the ASU Campus.

While it's been a great facility, over they years they've out grown it. Now, with a new Armed Forces Reserve Center in the making that will soon change.

"We fit. It fits us. It was designed with our current force structure in mind." says Lieutenant Colonel Corey Seats, Battalion Commander of the 875th. He says in their current facility, when they drill as a unit the motor pool and maintenance facility is so spread out, but the new headquarters will supply everything at one location.

"Every time we get together and drill as a unit now, that involves soldiers getting in their vehicles, driving across town, having it here at one location is fantastic," says Seats.

The New Armed Forces Reserves Center will be located just off of CW Post Rd. Saturday Adjutant General William Wofford, Mayor Harold Perrin, and Region 8 News put on our hard hats to tour the facility.

"Everyone was impressed by the size of the facility. It so much bigger than what we have over at ASU," says Seats, which gives the Units plenty of room to spread out.

Construction started this past Spring. Construction crews have been hard at work on a building meaning big things for the Armed Forces.

"It's very big there's big talk for quite a few years about the building of a new Armory and we didn't know how long in the future that was going to be and it's almost here," says Seats.

Construction is still underway, Seats says the center should be completed and ready to move in sometime early summer.

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