The walls of one Region 8 hospital is filled with local artwork

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 hospital is displaying the work of some talented, local artists. NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital's annual art exhibition officially kicked off on Monday.

Twenty-five pieces of work from students at Brookland School are now hanging in the hallways for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy.

Chief Executive Officer of NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, Paul Betz, says he's thrilled to have the talented pieces of work hanging on the hospital's walls.

"We are very fortunate to be have Brookland High School's Art Class exhibiting their artwork for us in our hallway, here, in our hospital."

Brookland High School art teacher, Carrie Hatton, says the students get a lot out of participating in this project.

"I think they get a pride in their artwork and it promotes the school and gives them school spirit. It also helps build the program. When other students see the work being displayed, then they want to get involved."

Students in Brookland's Middle School, Junior High, and High School are all participating.

Betz says getting to hang pieces of work from local students actually helps the hospital.

"This artwork helps us fulfill our mission by helping us provide a healing environment for our patients and visitors."

Hatton says this project also helps Brookland's art teachers with their program.

"I think we're building a really strong program, here. This project starts in Middle School and the students come to high school knowing their work might be picked to be in this show. It makes them work even harder."

Hatton says this project also teaches them some real life experiences while they have fun participating in something unique.

"They learn the etiquette of what an opening and exhibit is. We talk about it in class and I think they are very excited that they get to participate in a show that involves their family and friends."

For more information about this project, log onto NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital's website.

You can also log onto the Brookland School Districts website, for more information.

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