Jonesboro's Public Safety committee rules on 2 private clubs

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) "I will almost promise you that if you're back before this committee in the near future, your privilege is probably going to be in danger of being revoked," said Jonesboro City Councilman, Chris Moore.

A stern warning to Brickhouse owner Dr. Dan Johnson during a public hearing Tuesday afternoon. Stemming from, in large part a fight back in May, the committee placed Brickhouse on six months probation starting Wednesday.

Dr. Johnson says he's already taking action.

"That responsibility lies on me.   We provide additional security, security cameras, doormen," said Dr. Johnson.

"A whole list of violations have come forth, leading up to this instance, are you denying all of those too?"asked Moore.

En'Vision owner, Reginald Prunty, also faced the committee to address a February fight and other ABC violations, according to Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates.

"He has continued to deny he has problems and he has continued to fail to make efforts to address those problems," said Yates.

"The biggest problem that I have at club En'Vision is, I know that the people are out of control, but it's outside," said Prunty.

"The argument that well it occurs outside the club as opposed to inside the club, are they going to be any less dead if they're laying on the outside of the doorjamb as opposed to the inside?" said Yates.

The committee handed down a 3 month suspension to En'Vision, meaning they cannot serve alcohol, and probation for one year.

During a recess at the hearing,  Prunty, his attorney, and several audience members left before the punishments were actually read.

When asked for a comment, Prunty said quote, "totally out of order."

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