First Execution Since 2001 Set for Wednesday

June 8, 2003 - Posted at: 1:33 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Riley Dobi Noel is scheduled to die by lethal injection Wednesday night for the shooting deaths of three children in a southwest Little Rock home. The children -- ranging in age from ten to 17 -- weren't the only ones in the house.

Kyle Jones was there, too. Now, Jones say he wants to witness Noel's execution.

Jones was 18 and on leave from the Navy the night of June fourth, 1995, when he went to see his 17-year-old girlfriend Marcell Young. Jones said they had made no definite plans but both knew they wanted to marry and were trying to plan their futures together.

Noel's brother Cornelius ``Skeeter'' Ganaway, had been gunned down in a drive-by shooting a week earlier and, according to prosecutors, Noel sought revenge on Yashica Young. Noel believed she had set up Ganaway for a gang hit.

Jones recognized Noel because he had seen him at Ganaway's funeral.

Police and prosecutors say that, when Noel and his accomplices realized Young wasn't home, they killed her siblings in revenge.

Jones said that, when he entered the house, he was surprised to see the younger children awake. He said hello, then went to say hello to his fiancee's mother, Mary Hussain, who was in her bedroom.

That's when Noel and his accomplices burst through the front door.

Amid the sounds of gunfire, Jones said he sprinted for the living room. Then someone with a shotgun stepped into the hall ahead. Jones turned around and the gunman pursued him into Mary Hussain's bedroom.

He and Hussain closed and locked the door, then Jones ran for the bathroom and began trying to scramble out through the window. He heard gunshots ring out as, one by one, Marcell Young and the children were executed.

Then he heard the shotgun-toting gunman break into the room and struggle with Mary Hussain, who ended up with a head wound.

Jones finally managed to wriggle out the bathroom window into the back yard. He said he ran for the carport gate, then changed direction when it swung open and someone began firing at him. Jones vaulted the fence and ran down the road looking for help.

That's when he became aware of the wound in his right leg that would need 196 stitches to close. Jones said he's sure it was a gunshot wound although doctors were undecided whether he'd been shot or cut himself on the window.

Jones was able to flag down a couple who were getting into their car, and asked for help.

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