Meet November's Teacher of the Month

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Each month we receive many nominations for special teachers in Region 8. Choosing one per month can be difficult with so many to choose from. This months' featured educator is a Second grade teacher from Baldwin Elementary School in Paragould.

"I had her last year and she was nice to all my classmates that are in here from last year."

Actually T. J. Myatt is one of 5 students that stayed with Wendy Lowery when she moved from teaching First grade to Second this year.

Lowery says teaching new things to new and familiar children make her very happy.

"I call it a light bulb moment. Because you can see it. You can see the joy on their face when they learn something new."

That reaction must happen a lot because it was awfully bright in Ms. Wendy's classroom. Those 22 second graders, keep her on her toes.

Lowery, "All kids are different. They're different personalities and you just have to figure out the way that works best for them. "

It's hard for 2nd graders to form opinions sometimes but Serena was pretty sure about Ms. Wendy. " She gets to do lots of stuff with us and she loves doing math with us."

Like many teachers, Lowery understands and nourishes the deep ties between her and her students.

"I'm looking out for their physical needs, their emotional needs while they are here. I feel like they are just my own children."

Lowery has been teaching for about 14 years. Teaching is what she always wanted to do.

"I walked on campus and the first day I walked on campus I declared my major as an early childhood elementary educator. My sister is also an educator so we really never wanted to do anything else."

Being a teacher is hard work, especially when you are laying the foundation for the rest of the educational process.

Lowery, "There are times when you think. Oh, it's so hard, there's so much stress. But it's totally worth it when you see the kids face when they learn a new skill."

Any teacher is a special breed of person. How many of us actually look forward to going to work every day?

"They are so much fun, so full of life, And I get up and I know I get to come to my classroom and share the day with 22 of the most wonderful children."

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