Nettleton School District using new alert system

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The City of Jonesboro has been using an alert or notification system to inform those who are signed up about what's going on in the city--from a traffic accident to burn bans.

It's called Nixle.

Now, the city isn't the one using it to notify people about what's going on.

"The more communication we have, the smoother the day will operate," said Nettleton School District Superintendent, James Dunivan.

The Nettleton School District is opening those lines of communication with parents and patrons  with a new alert system.

"I think it's a very big plus for the district," said Dunivan.

It's called Nixle and all people have to do is sign up to get alerts from the district.  The notifications range from an emergency situation, details on upcoming events, even school closures due to inclement weather.

"Anything that we can do that will make you feel like you know what's going on up here, is something we're interested in," said Dunivan.

"We always want our parents involved," said Chief of Security, Jack Sample.

The more parents know about what's going on, Chief of Security Jack Sample says hopefully, they'll want to be a part of it.

"Put in your name, put in a email address that you want it sent to, your cell phone number if you want it to be sent as a text message," said Sample.

Sample says it's an accurate and timely way to distribute notifications to those who need them.

"At the end of the day, I hope this accomplishes that our parents, whether it's good or bad, that they get the correct information," said Sample.

Nettleton Superintendent James Dunivan says sign up for the alerts is free and it doesn't cost the district anything either, but he says the service it will provide is priceless.

"The main reason we were very interested in this was so that we could have a more informed public about what's going on at Nettleton Public Schools,"said Dunivan.

That's where parents come in.  They are encouraging people to sign up for this program to stay informed about what's going on.  To sign up you can go to the school's website for a link to Nixle's website where you actually sign up.

Click on the link associated with this story to sign up.

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