Haitian missionary attack touches Region 8 roots

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - Tempers in Haiti are as feverish tonight as the cholera victims in Haiti.

Protesters have taken to the streets demanding the UN and other charity groups to leave, and now they're attacking those who are only there to help!

Just this week a bus carrying a group of missionaries from the "Christian Motorcyclists Association" was attacked.

Besides being head-quartered in Arkansas, the local connections reach very close to home.

Violence in a foreign country like Haiti seems so removed from Arkansas. But sometimes it affects the people right here in our neighborhood.

Alan Morris is from Piggott. Dad is Piggott Mayor Gerald Morris. Alan is on his first missionary trip with members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.  Alan's wife Pam said he was so excited to be going.

"He's always had a desire to go on a mission trip and this is it. I believe God still put him there for a purpose. I'm not sure what it is."

The original plan was to give several motorcycles to local ministers so they could get around the rough and narrow roads. The second part of the trip was to build a concrete women's dormitory. Neither goal was realized. In fact the group wasn't able to get close to their intended location.

They made it as far as Cap-Haitien. A town torn apart by violence aimed at UN Peace Keepers who are being blamed for bringing in cholera.

On Wednesday the group decided to flee the city. According to CNN, their bus was attacked and damaged but they managed to get the bus to a nearby UN compound. One person on the bus was taken out of the bus and beaten but it was not believed to be one of the missionaries.

Pam Morris said she was at church Wednesday night when Alan called.

"He called just to say that he was safe. They had a fairly rough day but it was okay, they were safe."

Mayor Gerald Morris, Alan's father, has participated in many missionary trips. He said he became concerned for Alan's safety a couple of days ago.

"I realized that there were riots that were taking place and they wouldn't let them out of the hotel."

In Pam's last conversation with Allan he told her they were getting ready to move out. In the middle of the night.

"He said at 1 am we're moving out. We're going from the Chile compound to the Uraguay compound. Well that's 30 miles. Well for us that's a short distance. But for them...I don't know."

Gerald Morris, "We're trusting in the same person that will see him through."

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