Getting your automobile ready for winter

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - This weekend temperatures will be warm enough to do many things outdoors like raking the leaves and hanging Christmas lights. It's also the perfect time to pop the hood on your car and get it ready for the upcoming holiday travel and colder weather.

Marty Koster is the owner of Three Star Automotive in Jonesboro. He said one of the most important items to check is the anti-freeze.

Koster said, "Make sure the anti-freeze is good and clean. We'll take a sample of the anti-freeze and we'll look and see how good. This one here is good to minus 31 below."

When it comes to picking the type of anti-freeze it all depends on the age of your car.

"A lot of the anti-freeze now is a permanent anti-freeze. It lasts five years, but it still needs to be checked. Even a car a couple of years old needs to be checked," said Koster.

Next on the list are the belts.

"Make sure the belts are in good condition. They're not frayed or damaged anyway. That it's going to make it through the winter time," said Koster.

Koster said you don't want to forget about checking your windshield washer fluid. He said it's almost like anti-freeze because if it contains too much water, it could freeze on your windshield.

If you take your car to the garage to have the winter preps done, get it up on the rack and take a look underneath.

"Always look for leaks. Any oil leaks, any anti-freeze leaks, radiator leaks. Anything in the front that might be leaking. All the splash panels are in place to keep water and ice from getting splashed on the belts," said Koster.

While it's up there, check the tire pressure and take a look at the tread. Koster said the front tires on our news car were okay, but the back tires need to go.

Koster said, "If this wear bar shows, the tire needs to be replaced. The rear tire is pretty close on this car for a wintry condition."

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