Bono Lake has progressed over the dry summer

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

BONO, AR (KAIT) - The Bono Lake project has been in the works for several years. Has this summer's dry weather helped them to move ahead? I went to the bottom... Literally... Of Bono Lake to find out!

It was kind of creepy standing in the middle of Bono Lake or what will be Bono Lake. And after the summer we've had many people are asking what kind of progress they've made.

County road Super L.M. Duncan met me out at the lake site. Quiet now because of the recent rains.

"We're probably  50 percent complete. Course we run into a little problem with the dirt in the bottom of the lake here."

I walked the length and width of the lake. It was interesting to see how different the soils were that made up the lake bottom and sides. Some parts of it can be really, really soft and pretty muddy. Parts of it can be really solid too. Don't put nearly as much mud on your feet.

And as I walked farther onto the lake bed it's size became apparent. What's kind of surprising to me is how long this lake really is. From the middle it goes way, way back into the woods.

Duncan, "It's really going to be nice. 135 acres of water. Going to be a really nice place to fish."

In the middle of the lake is a huge pile of stumps. Duncan told me that the plan is to replace these stumps all around the bottom for fish habitat. Over on the North East shore a bank of gravel is being excavated. With a little more excavating and digging at the bottom of the rock there could be a small bluff to jump off of into the water.

Besides being developed as a fishing lake, the project should help with another problem that plagues Bono itself.

Duncan, "We still have flooding problems down there until we get the dam built because water still has to get out of here and go down there. "

Standing on one of the sloping sides you can see the flattened area where the base of the dam will be. The dam will be 42 feet high and about 1200 feet long. The hold up on it's construction has been the porous soil where the base is going.

Duncan, "The dirt in the bottom of where the dam is going to be was a problem. We had to dig all that out and replace it with some good dirt and that put them behind schedule."

A lot of dirt has been moved for sure. L.M. says the lake will be about 40 feet deep at the center. Once the dam is complete the natural springs and the run off ditch will begin to fill the lake. So what's the time frame here to get it all finished and filled?

Duncan, "We're still hoping for late summer of 2011 so probably a year to get it up to level."

The construction engineers will be at November, 22nd's Craighead County Quorum Court meeting to brief the members on the status of the lake project.

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