TSA chief says no change in screening policy

WASHINGTON (AP) - Although President Barack Obama is asking his national security team to consider less intrusive airport screenings, travelers may not be seeing any changes soon.

The head of the agency responsible for airport security, John Pistole (PIH'-stohl), tells CNN that the current terror threat level is too high to reduce the use of full-body scans and pat-downs.

Pistole says the searches are "invasive," but he says terrorists have proven to be "innovative" in designing and smuggling explosives, and that U.S. authorities need to deal with that. But Republican congressman John Mica (MY'-kuh) of Florida, who'll head the House Transportation Committee in the new congress, says the security procedure has to be "refined."

He says Pistole is "wrong" to say "it's the only tool" that can be used. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says security experts are "looking for ways to diminish the impact on the traveling public." And when asked on CBS' "Face the Nation" if she'd like to submit to a security pat-down, she said, "Not if I could avoid it."

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