Region 8 school gets a $20,000 sports makeover

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - Most schools don't have the money to buy everything the students need.  One mom found an online contest that would change things for students at her school!

Out of 300 applicants two schools are chosen every year to win a prize package worth thousands of dollars from Hibbett Sports.  Hibbett Sports started Operation Sports Renovation five years ago after Hurricane Katrina hit.

Joy McCord with Hibbett Sports says teacher Serina Wilson sent in a letter explaining why her school deserved a sports makeover.

"They needed basketballs, they needed bats, they needed football girdles, practice jersey's for football, they needed catchers equipment, they needed weight room equipment," said Hibbett Sports Vice President of Marketing Joy McCord.

"I just can't believe that Hibbett Sports is able to provide the school this much product because Hoxie School very much needs this type of product for our school," said teacher Jerry Decker.

Wilson said actually winning was a shock but the amount of stuff they're getting is still overwhelming.

"The kids have really, really benefited from this most of all.  That's what it was for is the kids," said Hoxie teacher Serina Wilson.

"The kids have been very excited and you could almost say it was like an early Christmas present," said Decker.

McCord said they ask the school to tell them about their wildest dream for their athletic department and they try to fulfill it!  One of the biggest things that needed a facelift was the guest locker room for visiting teams.  When teams would come into the locker room they would see a falling ceiling and paint peeling off the walls.

"We came in and re-did their ceilings, painted their locker room and brought the event to them," said McCord.

The Hibbett Sports team doesn't put a price tag on the work they do at the school fixing it up.  In merchandise, McCord said they have donated around $20,000.

Hibbett Sports will also be providing a batting cage for the baseball team.  There are boxes and boxes of donated items that are at the school that they've not been able to unpack yet, but they are there when they need them.

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