The field of fine arts is exploding at one Region 8 school

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One Region 8 school spent the day introducing its students to as many different professionals in the fine arts field they could.

Over 200 7th graders at Valley View's Junior High attended a number of "hands on" presentations by experts in a variety of areas.

Choir Director for Valley View, Jo Brinkle, says the fine arts are more than entertaining.

They can make an impact with students that enhances their success in academics.

"Fine arts impresses students in very many ways. In my field of choral music, it helps you academically because of the musical notation and how it relates to mathematics and other subjects. Also, as students we would like for them to be well rounded and culturally exposed to different types of arts, graphic design art, music, theatre, and everything that it encompasses."

Brinkle says Valley View teachers have been working on this fair since the beginning of the school year in August.

"Our students are exposed to academics everyday and athletics. We would like our students to be exposed to every field in every aspect of the fine arts. And to find those fun, and exciting and challenging."

Seventh grader Ethan Johns says all the presentations were interesting, but his favorite was the art classes.

"I liked the 3-D sculptures because I do a lot of drawing and stuff. She made a fish out of like recycled milk cartons and stuff like that."

Brinkle says the response from the students was very good.

"They have been very interested and very excited throughout the day. Their comments have been very encouraging as far as keeping us entertained and they have been very interested in all the instruments and all the artists. And we're doing a lot of hands on presentations and that gives them a lot of feedback and some interest in everything that's going on."

Seventh grader Trevor Johnson says he didn't realize how much work went into all the fun things he saw.

"We learned what it takes to be a professional at something and how hard it is to get to that point."

Ethan says it's something he thinks other schools in the area should do for their students.

"This stuff is really neat and it, like, helps kids think of their future."

Brinkle says they hope to make this and annual event and next year expand the fair for both seventh and eighth grade students.

For more information about this event or about Valley View Schools, log onto their website.

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