New trench at Crater of Diamonds

If you've been waiting for the perfect time to visit Arkansas's diamond site, that time has arrived. In mid-October, a new trench called the East Drain was excavated in the Crater of Diamonds' search area to uncover new material for park visitors to search. According to the park staff, the quantity and quality of diamonds coming from this area is significant. And, it has quickly become one of the most successful trenching projects of the past six years. Over the past few days, two large brown diamonds were found here by visitors from Arkansas and North Carolina. The first was a potentially flawless 2.44-carat diamond, and the other weighed 3.65-carat! If you're looking for a way to exercise off the calories from Thanksgiving dinner, diamond hunting at the Crater might be a gem on an idea. For details about this one-of-a-kind state park, visit: