Region 8 missionary returns from Haiti in time for Thanksgiving

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - New details on a story Region 8 News first reported last Thursday.

A Piggott family has much to be thankful for Wednesday night.

Mayor Gerald Morris tells Region 8 News his son, Alan, arrived back home safe and sound last night.

As you may recall, Alan Morris was with a group of missionaries in Haiti when they were attacked.

The group had to flee the hotel where they were staying. For several hours, his wife and family had no idea if he was alive or dead, but now they have their answer, and Morris says he's thankful not only to be home, but to live here rather than in Haiti.

"But there are good people living in Haiti. Good people, just like you and me, but their hope has been taken away. They have nothing. They are poor," Morris says.

Tune into Region 8 News at Ten tonight to hear more of Morris' experiences in Haiti.

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