Region 8 man home from Haiti

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - Alan Morris from Piggott left November 13th for a 12 day mission trip to Cap-Haitien. A mission he would have never imagined would take a turn for the worst. It's a story he says he will never forget.

"I just felt the calling," says Alan Morris. A calling to go to Haiti. "It's just a poor country living without hope," he says.

It was Morris' first missionary trip with members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. "We went down there to give away seven motorcycles to seven pastors, and build a refuge. But unfortunately, God had a different plan," says Morris. A plan bringing Morris and 11 others missionaries national attention, trying to get out of the city after a cholera scare.

"We needed to get to the board-in before it closed. So we had thirty minutes to get out of the hotel down to the bus station, load, and head out of town and that's what we did," says Morris. 28 pieces of luggage loaded onto a bus in a hurry, but after driving nearly three miles through town..."We lacked about 3 quarter of mile from being out of town and that's when all hell broke loose," he says.

Morris read from a journal he kept documenting the trip. A journal he titled "almost there."

"At 11:30 a.m. Haitian time. This is where the trouble began. We got only two to three miles past the airport when things turned violent people yelling, with faces covered. Shades were mostly closed on the bus. Things have gone pretty bad now. Machetes were waving, rocks were being thrown, the windshield was busted. Our driver Junior as we call him was our hero. The locals dragged blockades in front of us, and were doing so behind us. Junior was backing up fast, running over debris that busted our oil pan. Our bus driver turned around. I don't know how. It was a very rough road and rough outside. I was looking through the cracks in the window and snuck a picture. We limped to the UN compound. We are now safe inside. They boarded us, checked us out, and said welcome you are safe now. Junior saved our lives," says Morris.

Morris arrived back to his hometown in Piggott this past Wednesday, a day before Thanksgiving, he says the time could not be more appropriate.

"I was proud to see the U.S. soil. I'm certainly thankful for my family. There are many things that bother us daily, that's just not there anymore. It's just not worth it," says Morris.

He says it was his faith and prayers from home that got him through. "I want to thank everyone for their prayers and concern, and the love they showed my family. That's Thanksgiving," he says.

Morris is definitely glad to be home, and is spending Thanksgiving with his family.

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