Safety tips for your next salon visit

Want to know what to look out for before your next hair or nail salon appointment? Watch the attached video from the owner of Jonesboro's Cosmetology School of Designing Arts. Jeannie Bonds walks you through some basics she believes all stylists should be following on a daily basis.

  • Avoid pedicure chairs if you can
  • Use individual containers/spatulas for product
  • Do not reuse nail files, buffers or pumice stones
  • Sanitize medal tools
  • Bring your own tools
  • Don't be afraid to speak up to nail tech

Hair Salon Safety Tips

  • Do not reuse wax sticks as they should be immediately thrown in trash
  • Stylist should always wash/sanitize hands
  • Use neck strip with cape while cutting hair
  • Use towel with cape while coloring haiUse towel when washing hair
  • Always sanitize hair station between each client
  • Dispose of all towels properly
  • Sanitize brushes, combs and clips in fresh Barbicide

Why should you make sure you follow these guidelines? Read Nail salon investigation uncovers health code violations

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