Decorating dangers to remember during the holidays

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - They are a sign of the season.  Christmas lights and decorations light up our homes and usher in the holidays. There are dangers lurking and we want to remind you of those dangers to help keep your holidays merry and bright.

"Check all the lights and check all the cords and make sure there's not any frays or anything," said Jason Wills at the Jonesboro Fire Department.

Wills says if you notice a section of lights shorting out or not lighting up like they should, that could be a sign of a potential fire hazard.

"Over time, just the movement of the wiring and stuff they're going to break down," said Wills.

Make sure you're not overloading outlets with lights or other decorations.

"Make sure that the extension cords that you use are of a heavy enough gage to support the number of strands that your trying to do," said Wills.

If you're trimming a live tree this Christmas, Wills says make sure you're watering every day.

"The bigger the tree the more water it's going to need," said Wills.

Wills says dry conditions outside and warmth inside can dry a tree quickly, and a dry, live tree can go up in flames quickly as well.

"Actually that's substantial fire loads that's being brought in your house and the tree in combination with those packages are all things that burn really fast," said Wills.

Here are some other safety precautions to remember:

Use clips not nails to hang your Christmas lights

check batteries in smoke detector

don't put paper, boxes, etc in a fireplace

while the lights are pretty to look at, un plug them if your not home

and don't run cords under rugs

"If it's a high traffic area, it won't take long at all to break down that extension cord jacket and cause a fire that way," said Wills.

Other things to remember include keep cords, decorations, plants, even some foods away from children and pets.  If you're hanging lights, make sure someone is there with you incase you fall and need emergency service.

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