Winter foot advisory: choosing smart over stylish shoes

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One doctor wants Region 8 residents to think more about wearing sensible shoes.

Podiatrist, Dr. Walter Hayes, says people continually sacrifice smart for stylish when it comes to appropriate protection for their feet.

Hayes says wearing shoes that don't protect feet can cause long-lasting foot problems.

He says the most common problem he sees is people wearing the wrong shoe size.

"The majority of the people with a lot of the foot ailments that I deal with have the wrong type of shoe with the type of activity. The shoe either being worn out or not properly fitting correctly for the type of activity that they're going to do," Dr. Hayes says.

People can experience a variety of problems from bunions, dry skin and toenail fungus to frostbite and arthritis, and the cold weather can cause or worsen a range of foot health problems.

Hayes says to be sure ad have your feet sized regularly.

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