Helping break the addiction cycle

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JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - "We will take in women in a long term six month program and some of them we will allow them to bring their children with them," said Anchor Point Recovery Center Director, Shane Goings.

It's a faith-based recovery center to help women battling drug and alcohol addiction.

"Jesus can cure them, we can't," said Goings.

Shane Goings and his wife hope they can help pave the way to sobriety and help these women be better parents and better community members.

"One of the key things we're going to do is put these women out in the community doing service projects.   They've spent their entire life taking from the community so we want to teach them to give back," said Goings.

The center will be located behind the Church at Remmel, outside Amagon, in Jackson County.

Goings says the church will help the center help the women.

"Babies born legally drunk, babies born to moms who are on cocaine, babies born to moms on meth and prescription drugs and narcotics so there's a huge need in this county that I see," said Dr. Karen Jones.

Dr. Karen Jones is an ob-gyn and serves on the board of directors for Anchor Point.

She says because they're asking the community for donations to build the center, they all have a responsibility to the public.

"When you're asking for donations from the community, you have to be very careful what you do with that money," said Dr. Jones.

"What we're looking for are those women who have decided hey I can't do this anymore," said Goings.

Goings says they have to be selective about who they let in once the 3000 square foot facility is built.

Goings says construction can't start on until 50 thousand dollars is raised--so he says he and wife are working to help make that happen.

"We both feel like we have spent a lifetime taking from others and we want to spend the second half of our life giving back," said Goings.

Goings is a Harding University graduate and says he's hopeful he'll be able to use some of his contacts made there to help others.

For more information on Anchor Point or details on how to donate, call 870-217-5603.

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