103 Arkansas Nursing Homes without Insurance

July 17, 2003  - Posted at 8:15 a.m. CDT

Hot Springs, Ark.  --More than half the nursing home residents in Arkansas are living in facilities that no longer carry liability insurance. Results from a new survey were released yesterday by lobbyists for the nursing home industry.

The industry is mounting a campaign to assure that a liability-insurance pool measure is favorably viewed by lawmakers if they meet in special session this fall. Such a bill fell short of approval during the regular legislative session that ended abruptly in April. T

he measure had been approved by both the House and Senate and needed only House agreement to Senate amendments before being sent to the desk of Governor Huckabee.

According to the Arkansas Health Care Association, Arkansas has 225 nursing homes housing about 16-thousand people. In June, a survey showed that 103 of those facilities -- with more than nine-thousand total residents -- reported they could no longer afford or obtain liability insurance.

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