Certain tires help during the winter

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Before the roads are covered with snow, you may want to consider buying a set of snow tires.

Chris Rekuc is the Belle Tire Store Manager and he said, "It's much safer than an all season tire is."

Snow tires can help keep you on the road when temperatures drop and the snow starts falling.

Rekuc said, "We get some pretty heavy snow fall and when the snow reaches 3,4,5 inches, snow tires are what's going to keep your car on the road and stable."

All season tires stiffen when temperatures dip below freezing turning their rubber hard and plastic-like.

"You lose the pliability of an all season tire whereas you don't with a snow tire," said Rekuc.

Snow tires are made of a material designed to retain flexibility in the cold, which means as much as fifty percent more traction and control.

"That's the biggest part of the snow tire, being able to stay soft, even in cold weather conditions," said Rekuc.

They also have special tread patterns for snow and ice.

If you are considering buying snow tires, you'll want to replace all four tires. Otherwise, the difference in traction between front and back tires can cause a spin out. Even if your vehicle is all-wheel drive, snow tires still provide needed help with braking and control.

"Just the insurance of knowing you have that traction is very important to people," said Rekuc.

A set will cost you, on average between $350 and $400. But the investment can extend the life of your summer tires and save you the cost of an accident.

Rekuc said, "Once they drive on them the first time, typically they never go back to wanting all season tire in winter again."

Some other things you can do to make sure you're ready for winter driving, check your tire pressure. Make sure it's at the right level according to your owner's manual. Also, check the tread level. You can do that by taking a penny, sticking it right against the tread at the top of the tire. If the tread is above Lincoln's hairline, you're good to go.

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