Spammers Beware

July 18, 2003  - Posted at 7:55 a.m. CDT

Little Rock, Ark.  -- Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe says he wants spammers to know about a new state law restricting unwanted e-mail. The new law could bring fines and criminal charges to spammers. The law, which became effective Wednesday, requires warnings if the content is racy and the option for consumers to reject unsolicited e-mail, known as spam. Beebe says it is up to the senders to know about the law and tailor their spam to comply when sending to Arkansas residents. Beebe compared giving consumers the option to reject spam to the national Do-Not-Call list for people who don't want calls from telemarketers. Under the law, spam sent to Arkansas consumers would have to include a space the consumer could click on, returning the e-mail to the sender with a demand to be taken off the mailing list. The refusal would only apply to that particular spammer.

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