Region 8 church rebuilds after hard times

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The Clark's Chapel Baptist Church has a story to tell after experiencing one of the lowest points in their congregation's history.  It's a turn around that many are calling a miracle.

"You see sometimes God has to take us down to bring us back up," says Pastor Freddie Muse. He took over Clark's Chapel Baptist Church in March of 2009. "The auditorium was completely destroyed, there was no insulation," says Pastor Muse. The congregation had dwindled to only eight members, holding services in the Fellowship Hall.

"A friend of ours, she said to me why are you taking a church that doesn't even have an auditorium, they only got a fellowship hall. I said I don't know, but if the lord wants me there, I got to be there," says Pastor Muse.

The congregation immediately pulled together. Pastor's wife Joyce Muse says taking on the challenge was a leap of faith.

"I was pretty sure what God could do, if he set his mind to it. But every weekend the people were here.  They had their hammers. They had their saws," says Joyce.

Many of the volunteers had no construction experience. Once the renovation started, it only took two months to complete, rebuilding the foundation of the church in more ways than one. Now, the building is in tip top condition, with almost 70 members attending on a regular bases.

"The Lord is adding to the church. You know today we had eighty people, and you know a lot of larger churches might not thing it's a big deal, but to a country church like this we can praise the Lord," says Pastor Muse.

Muse says it was God's grace that made it all happen. "Today we can say this, that God gave us all this back we had approximately twenty thousand dollars and today we're debit free. We didn't have to borrow any money what-so-ever and everything is paid for," says Pastor Muse.

Pastor Muse says the Lord uses his people to make miracles happen, and gives all the credit for the church's new life to God.

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