Meet December's Teacher of the Month

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

TUCKERMAN, AR (KAIT) --Every month we introduce you to a special teacher that was nominated by our viewers to showcase.

December's teacher Ken Brown, teaches 3rd grade at Tuckerman Elementary School.

The day I visited the classroom it was all about similes.

Ken Brown is in his 8th year of teaching. Although not unheard of, it is kind of unusual for a man to teach the lower grades.

"I originally wanted to teach Middle School Social Studies. I am really glad I chose to do lower elementary because I can see where the need is."

Brown gives full credit for his inspiration to be a teacher to a former teacher, now a co-worker at Tuckerman.

"I've always thought that if I could give back to a child the things she's given me in life then it would be a great success."

Referring to his notes tucked away in a bookcase Brown uses them and a rewritten folk tale to teach the class the proper way to identify and write similes.

"I like to think of those students who learn best by doing hands on activities."

Brown says he feels great personal accomplishment when a former student thanks him for being his teacher. Student progress, Brown says is also a great reward.

"I see the pay off whenever I see a student make improvements from the beginning of the year to the second nine weeks."

And as for style, this guy has it all.

"Laid back, definitely fun-loving and humorous but serious when I need to be.."

And just to show you Mr. Brown that I learned something from my visit, a simile.

"He teaches like he was born to it."

Brown, "I absolutely can't imagine doing anything else."

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