Arkansas Peach Growers Expect Fruitful Season

LEACHVILLE, Ark.--The hot and dry conditions of the summer are often unpleasant for humans. Arkansas peaches on the other hand, thrive in this type of weather.

Cold, wet weather took it's toll on last year's peach crop, but this year it's a different story. After a wet June, recent changes in weather came just in time to save vulnerable peaches from fungus.

"We're glad the weather has been dry, its been good," said Leon Swihart, owner of Swihart Orchard, a very popular peach purchasing spot in Leachville. "We're thankful that we haven't had a hail storm this year."

Due to the a warmer weather trends this year, many Arkansas peach growers are having a fruitful season. It's projected that state growers will yield 18-million pounds of peaches for sale, up 80-percent from last season's disappointing ten million pounds.

"It's been dry so far during harvest, and it makes the peaches a lot sweeter than normal," said Swihart. "When you have to much water in them, it just waters down the taste, but dry weather like we're experiencing now really makes the taste good."

Now, all around the state venues like Swiharts are bringing in the cash because of their peaches.

"When you bite into them, the juice runs right down your arm and off your elbow," said Swihart Orchard shopper, Diann Belscamper.

Leon Swihart says one out of every ten years a farmer has a perfect growing season. According to Swihart peach growers all around the state are enjoying the fruits of their labor.