Preparing your home for cold months ahead

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "The darker color here is cold temperatures," said Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation's Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Monty Williams.

Williams is describing a tool that can help spot where cold air could be getting in your home, meaning the heated air and your dollars could be going out.

"On this picture, it's just showing around the door where air is coming through," said Williams.

It's a tool used by Craighead Electric during their energy audits which are free to their customers and designed to help make your home or business more energy efficient and offering tips on how to achieve that.

"Like on this picture right here, it's showing some air coming across the bottom of that frame around that window.  A little bit of caulking around it can help slow it down," said Williams.

"Weather stripping around doors and windows is probably the number one--it's the simplest fix," said Scott Parker at Barton's.

Parker says doors and windows are some of the most common spots for energy loss, but it's a problem that can be fixed for just a few bucks.  Parker says consider an inexpensive door sweep too.  Parker says caulk and insulating foam sealant are other inexpensive ways to treat multiple doors, windows or other areas where heat can escape, for example, if a pipe is coming through a wall.  He says while you may not have to do this type of thing every year, it's something you should check.

"If you shut the door and you can run your hand around the edges and you can feel it--well it's obviously leaking," said Parker.

Experts also add to make sure you read the product labels  before using them, some can't be applied in extreme temperatures.

Here are some more energy conservation tips from Craighead Electric  including:

Keep the thermostat at 68 degrees or lower during heating season.  A one degree change in the thermostat setting can cost you an additional 3 percent in energy costs.

Also, keep an eye on air filters--a dirty one can increase your heating and cooling costs as much as 10 percent.

Have your heating and cooling system tuned up by a licensed professional once a year.

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