AGFC helps with nuisance furbearers

nuisance wildlife LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) - Got a problem with nuisance animals on your property? The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission can help landowners who are experiencing problems with nuisance furbearers like beavers, muskrats, raccoons and coyotes by linking them with trappers and furbearer hunters looking for a place to take part in these traditional activities.

This will help landowners get their nuisance problems under control and increase recreational opportunities for the public, according to the AGFC's furbearer program coordinator Blake Sasse. "Landowners wishing to participate in the program can enter their names and information about their property and the species they're having problems with in an online registry at or by calling 501-223-6359." Sasse said.

Trappers and hunters can access the registry and call nearby landowners to ask permission to access their property to take the nuisance species and others of interest during a designated trapping or hunting season.

"Although prices for some nuisance species are currently low, many trappers are willing to take them in return for the opportunity to catch more valuable species," Sasse said.

Landowners retain full control of who has access to their property and do not open their lands up to the public by placing their name in the registry. Participants can also remove their names from the registry at any time if their problems have been solved or they no longer wish to take part in the program.

"This site will probably be most helpful for those with over 100 acres of property with running streams since larger areas provide more potential opportunities for trappers or hunters to find what they're looking for," Sasse said.

Additional information about this program can be found at or by calling 501-223-6359.