COPY-Drop-side cribs banned

WASHINGTON (NBC) - Drop-side cribs can no longer be made or sold in U.S. stores.

Cribs with sides that move up and down were originally designed to help moms and dads easily lift babies out of bed, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says drop-side cribs are dangerous and deadly.

They say malfunctioning hardware or assembly problems can cause the drop-side rail to detach and create a gap between the rail and the mattress where babies can get stuck and suffocate.

Over the last decade, 32 babies or toddlers have died.

The new rules will also create stronger mattress supports and hardware and establish better safety testing.

The new standards will become mandatory in six months.

Daycares and hotels will have to replace any drop-side cribs. The rules don't apply to those already in use in private homes, but prohibits re-selling used drop-side cribs.

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