Region 8 students learn from Chinese acrobats

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some Region 8 elementary students got a hands on look at another culture, with the Fabulous Chinese Acrobats juggling and flipping their way into the International Studies Magnet School on Thursday.

More than four hundred children were entertained as they tossed and spun plates, performed acrobatic tricks, juggled with cables and even produced an authentic dragon.

Third grade teacher Denise Snider says this is an invaluable opportunity for children, " It makes connections for them in terms of their daily life. For instance, the kids who do gymnastics get to see how they do it in China. They get to hear the language, see the customs that the Chinese use."

Snider says she's proud the school is able to provide this unusual opportunity for their kids.

"We have a diversity of students, here, at our school. This opportunity is an advantage for students who don't get to travel out of Northeast Arkansas. So, they are able to see a way of life and customs that they wouldn't ever have the opportunity to be introduced to."

Snider says getting the kids excited about something like this can become a very useful teaching tool, "It goes across the curriculum. It starts as entertainment, but we can use it in academics without them even realizing that we are."

Snider says not only is this an enriching experience not only for the children, but the many family members who decide to attend. . .like parent Sharon Jones.

Sharon has a daughter who attends the International Studies Magnet School.

She says this is something that her daughter has seen in years past at the magnet school and has been so excited about the event, it encouraged Sharon to attend this year.

"I think it's just wonderful. The group is amazing and it's great the kids are exposed to something like this!"

For more information about the International Studies Magnet School, log onto their website.

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