Jonesboro Police Department training new recruits

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A house located on East Nettleton in Jonesboro was roped off with caution tape on Friday, but it wasn't for a crime.

Members of Jonesboro Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division were there for a "mock" crime scene.

Lt. Rick Elliott of the Criminal Investigation Division, "We have new officers and we have them out on a mock training exercise. This particular scenario is a shooting situation. And these officers have spent the first part of this week going through class on working crime scenes, how to process crime scenes. Today they're putting everything they've learned this week together and processing this scene."

Lt. Elliott says these training exercises are necessary to help prepare new officers for the real thing.

"These training exercise are very important. We don't want the crime scene to get messed up due to their lack of training. So, all officers hired in go through this training. They learn how to protect, preserve and collect evidence at scenes. That way when we get to court we can show the integrity of the evidence. Chain of custody is maintained so, therefore, we don't lose cases."

Zach Walker is one of the new officers going through the training exercise.

Walker says he thinks the training exercises are a great idea.

"I think this is definitely necessary. It's interesting on our part, but also very necessary because the next time we see this it could be the real thing. We need to know what to do when we get here."

Walker says he was also surprised by some of the things he's learned going through training.

"It's definitely a lot longer process than what most people think. We're learning about crime scene analysis, blood spatter, how to gather evidence and things like that."

Lt. Elliott says seven officers went through the "mock" training scenario.

For more information about the Jonesboro Police Department, log onto their website.

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