Region 8 city seeing more businesses opening up

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

WEINER, AR (KAIT) – The city of Weiner has been benefiting from new businesses over the last several months, according to Mayor Arthur Booth. Booth told Region 8 News earlier this week that five new businesses have established themselves in the city, including a grocery store, furniture outlet and a web-based business.

"We have five new businesses that have come to town and we're very thankful for that. That's going to help our revenues drastically with the sales tax," said Booth.

According to city records, Weiner has a budget of $389,200 in 2010. The budget for the previous two years averaged about $400,000. Booth said he expects the addition of new businesses to help the city increase sales tax dollars.

"We needed a grocery store so very badly. Having to drive to Jonesboro to buy groceries was a hardship on a lot of people," said Booth.

City Grocery opened doors in February after the building went vacant for several years. According to Bridgett Hewitt, who works at the store, residents in town have been happy to have a grocery store so close to home.

"We have a lot of farmers and of course you have Riceland and other businesses come over here and eat during lunch," said Hewitt. "It does help a little bit, everything from milk, eggs, bread and quick stuff that people need to pick up."

Hewitt, who has lived in Weiner for six years, said residents are full of pride. The addition of new businesses is pleasing to many of them.

"We definitely need the work here for those who can't really drive to Jonesboro. They need to be able to drive a short distance to work," said Booth. "We want them in the building and going, to keep the building up, looking good, going good to offer the people of Weiner and the surrounding community a good service."

Booth said the grocery store, flower shop, beauty shop, web-based business and Peterson's Warehouse outlet store all have opened up since February.

"They've rented the bank building and they're utilizing it and that's great. The building is occupied," said Booth. "It is very nice to just be able to go across the tracks right over here, City Grocery and pick up what we need."

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