Larry Blakeney wants to keep offensive coordinator Kenny Edenfield at Troy

New Orleans (Dothan Eagle) - Drew Champlin of the Dothan Eagle asked head coach Larry Blakeney about the status of offensive coordinator Kenny Edenfield after Troy's 48-21 win over Ohio in the New Orleans Bowl. Some reports from Louisiana already had him accepting a coaching position for Mark Hudspeth, a close friend of Edenfield's.

"I'm going to fight to keep Kenny," Blakeney said. "Let me make that statement. I'm going to try to recruit some help to fight to keep Kenny. Hes done a fabulous guy. He's a Troy guy. His family's entrenched in Troy. It doesn't make a lot of sense for us to let him go to Lafayette. I don't care who's down there. Jesus Christ can be down there as head coach and it won't make a difference to me.

"Kenny's a smart guy. What he'll do is he'll look at it and he'll analyze it. He'll do the right thing for him and his family. I'm going to try to help him do it. It's a career decision and you've got to be careful with a career decision."

Troy will have to replace quarterbacks coach Chip Lindsey, and Blakeney said he will wait and see what happens with Edenfield before moving on there.

"Kenny's deal is first. If Kenny stays, he'll basically hire that guy. I'll help him, but I want him to be pleased because he'll work shoulder to shoulder with him every day."